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This article discusses the meaning, derivation, onomastics, and binomial nomenclature of the name '🐨Link Egglepple Starbureiy' (lnq@).mononym

[pronunciation 'lingk egg-ul-epp-ul stahr-bereē']


The identifier "Starbureiy" stems from the number line.^ The symbols e and i are mathematical variables; e for Euler's number, and i an imaginary unit. The praenomen, "Link"& (), is a verbalization of his ego, denoting him as the root [between his parents, since he is an only child (1)]. The nomen, "Egglepple" (64), is a synecdoche for his (puzzle🧩) portfolio. Altogether, the autonym, "Link Egglepple Starbureiy" (shortened to "lnq"), is numerically valued at eight (8).^ See note. statistical union (see also 🐨lnq's motif, avatar, Stewniverse, +list)
Notes (+): +Etymology-wise (according to me), the word "starbureiy" (the codomain of my id) is actually numbers (alphanumeric variables), with no literal meaning. Taken by itself, 'star' is just an element of a galaxy (in this case, more acutely, a constellation, but what I call my 'galaxy' [ego] of toys [alterations of said ego]). 'b' is the additive identity (b equals zero). 'e' and 'i' [range,domain] were chosen because they are the vowels in the names "Link" (i) and "Egglepple" (e). They have been re-arranged alphabetically: i-e ↔ e-i → ei, and then converted to their respective numbers (ei). I personally took the letter 'u' here and made it into a variable stand-in for the number pi). The extra letter 'r' is a multiplicative identity element (ie. 'Link' = domain). Hence, 'Starbureiy' ≡ 0 ∙ π ∙ 1 ∙ ei = 0*

+As the range of my id, "Egglepple" is a word of my lexicographical invention🧐. I wanted a name history would remember when I had created the greatest portfolio of all-time. In its proper form (taken from the true definition of a 'portfolio' = 'sheet folder'), it translates here as "egg-🍃leafepp-leaf🍃".

+The number 64 has congruence with March 5 [Funday/🐨lnq's birthday], which is the 64th day of a calendar year (not taking a leap year into account). On this date, Egglepple was founded (March 5, 1991).

+We derive the number 8 ('🐨lnq's number') by totaling the following: [√64] + 0 = 8. (From "Link (→1) Egglepple (→4)" + "Starbureiy (→3)", ..143→8). Also, March 5 (03/05) is reducible to 8.

+To reiterate, "Starbureiy" is dentally silent (because it is a number complex), but spoken when 'reading' the word as text in the wake of full pronunciation. Otherwise, my name is simply "Egglepple".

*Interpreted as being indicative of the individual (1) acting completely of its own volition. That is also to say that the 'twin' variables (e,i) [the two 🦈🐟fish in Pisces♋ lure] are irrationally (wild) 'diametric balls' (π), tamed only by closure [0 = (loop)] (reminiscent of 🦄unicorn mythology). Notice how the mathematical constants are also part of Euler's equation (e + 1 = 0). ← 🐨lnq's proclaimed st@t


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