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This article discusses the meaning, derivation, and onomastics of the name 'Link Egglepple Starbureiy' (lnq).

[pronunciation 'lingk egg-ul-epp-ul stahr-beree']


The identifier "Starbureiy" stems from Euler's identity.^ The symbols e, i, and y are mathematical variables; e for Euler's number, i an imaginary unit, and y ('γ', I pronounce it "yesegalo") being Euler’s constant. The praenomen, "Link"& (), denotes him as the connector/root [between his parents, since he is an only child (1)]. The nomen, "Egglepple" (64), is a synecdoche for his (puzzle) portfolio (brane). Altogether, the autonym, "Link Egglepple Starbureiy" (aka "lnq"), is a verbalization of a number numerically valued at eight (8).^ See note. statistical union (see also lnq's motif, +list)

Notes (+): +Etymology-wise (according to me), the word "starbureiy" (a self-inflected spin on "Stewart" [my companion fish🐠🦈🐬🐟 in the Pisces♓ sign/symbology]) is actually numbers (alphanumeric variables). Taken by itself, 'star' is just an element of a galaxy (in this case, my 'galaxy' of toys). 'b' is the additive identity (b equals zero). 'e' and 'i' were chosen because they are the vowels in the names "Link" (i) and "Egglepple" (e). They have been re-arranged alphabetically: i-e ↔ e-i → ei, and then converted to their respective numbers (ei). I personally took the letter 'u' here and made it into a variable stand-in for the number pi). The extra letter 'r' is a multiplicative identity element. Hence, 'Starbureiy' ≡ 0 ∙ π ∙ 1 ∙ ei ∙ γ = 0*

+The number 64 has congruence with March 5 [Funday/lnq's birthday], which is the 64th day of a calendar year (not taking a leap year into account). On this date, Egglepple was founded (March 5, 1991).

+We derive the number 8 by totaling the following: [√64] + 0 = 8. (From "Link Egglepple" + "Starbureiy"). Also, March 5 (03/05) is reducible to 8.

+To reiterate, the "ei" part of the name is dentally silent (because it is a number), but spoken when 'reading' the word as text in the wake of full pronunciation.
*Interpreted as being indicative of the individual acting completely of its own volition. That is also to say that the 'twin' variables (e,i) are irrationally (wild) 'diametric balls' (π), tamed only by closure [0 = (loop)]. Notice how the five (5) mathematical constants are also part of Euler's equation (e + 1 = 0). ← lnq's proclaimed st@t


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