LES desiderata

Per career establishment, there are two (2) desiderata* that Link Egglepple Starbureiy has:
(1) primary - UUelcome completely sequenced = Egglepple solved (+The Origamic Symphony composed)
(2) ancillary - ability to interface^ with Egglepple from anywhere (see also Egglepple, everywhere!)
UUe [jukebox] becoming a de facto/de jure universal public utility (see The UUe), juking officially promulgated as a global standard sport, and UUelcome as the top-rated gameshow would make me glad.👍🏿 ie. "ability to transact with".

Note (+): Both of which help fulfill my contractual obligations.


$1 /game

Input username + contest(s):

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$4+ - gear: collection of cool wearables and take-alongables

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