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Candidate: Link Starbureiy
Affiliation: None (write-in)

Questions and Answers (10)
+ What is a ballot?
- A ballot is a tool used for a singular (not shared) instance in a secret vote. In our case, ballots are machine-readable pieces of paper (forms) with one (1) or more options, known as choices, for the voter to select. In a fair voting system, a voter's choice helps determine the outcome of the selection process.

+ What is a write-in🖋 candidate?
- An American phenomenon, a write-in candidate is a candidate in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot, but for whom voters may vote nonetheless by writing in the person's name. [source: Wikipedia]

+ Would I be wasting my vote by casting it for you?🗳
- No. This marks the first time in U.S. election history that a write-in candidate is making serious strides in attaining the highest office. As long as the electoral college upholds its responsibilities to the voters, and not their respective parties, there is a fair chance at winning. Speaking to the legitimacy of my candidacy, I filed to run with the Federal Elections Commission (federal rules > state rules) on February 29, 2016.

+ Exactly how do you spell your name?🗳
- L i n k    S t a r b u r e i y

+ Am I allowed to use a sticker instead?🗳
- Yes. However, use caution when considering doing so as some voting machines may have difficulty processing the object. Stickers are a lazy, but not necessarily bad way for a voter to make their choice. In my case, because my name has so many vowels in it, I wouldn't fault you for using one since there is a chance for misspelling or glyph error. Note, though, that it is not preferred.

+ Who is or would be your pick for Vice President?
- That is unsettled at the time of this writing. I imagine my presidency as being a kind of dual presidency, so to speak, where the President and the Vice President (co)operate on a majority of policy issues in tandem. Because I work in the private sector for a living, a possible recruit would be a seasoned Beltway insider or governor in order to complement my strengths/weaknesses. (Like many others) I was impressed with Brian Schweitzer's tenure.😉

+ Can I write-in my vote in my state?🗳
- Not all fifty (50) states accept write-in candidates. Currently, only forty-one (41) of the fifty do so. Plus, there are minor regulations regarding access that differ from state-to-state, similar to the presentation of the ballot itself. Still, don't fret. Take a look at Ballotpedia's electoral map pertaining to this issue. 🔽

+ What if my state does not allow write-in balloting?
- If you live in one of the nine (9) states (Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, or South Dakota) where you are not permitted to cast your ballot for a write-in candidate such as myself, then I encourage you to not vote this election cycle.🤐 Such inactivity shouldn't be considered irresponsible, as voting for a partisan candidate on these terms would summarily go against your best interests.

+ How do I cast an early ballot?🗳
- Election Day is Tuesday November 8, 2016. Premature balloting is only recommended when you are certain that you are ready to vote for a particular candidate. If you are not certain, you may wish to spend the remaining time gathering as much information as you need so that you make a most intelligent decision.

That said, each state has its own rules and deadlines for obtaining, registering, and casting ballots. Check with either your local pollster or state's capitol if you are unsure. The National Conference of State Legislatures (bipartisan) has some online guidelines to help you with absentee and early voting:

+ What is the procedure for entering your First Lady Sweepstakes♥?
- In order to be considered for the First Lady Sweepstakes, you must be an unwed female United States🇺🇸 citizen and vote for me (which means that you have to be of voting age). I can't think of any other requirements.

If interested, when voting, take a snapshot📸 of your filled-in ballot (your mobile device should do the job), and then send an e-mail📧 with that photo* attached to:
If you insist on being authentic, put the ballot next to your smiling face when photographing. CAUTION: Void where prohibited.
In the subject line, put: "[your name], First Lady" (example: Jane Doe, First Lady)

Thank you,




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