cybernetic governance

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Cybernetic governance (cygov or CG) is an automated auction (courtesy of some automaton@) that relies on its own autonomy to perpetuate quotient load normalization [ie. evolution]. It is suggested that this be done via a system where energy costs are paid for exclusively with ¢ents from juke taxation. Cygov is the model (ie. synthesis of a world-scale kernel by developing/updating civics^ on a brane, then juking that brane within a loop cycle) of how to solve organic 🧩puzzles / run games (itself being a game) efficiently (ie. fair budget controlled by/with credit scoring ["reputation"]).Centrally, a jukebox, namely UUe. forking via public/organic call-and-response, as opposed to politics (ie. presumptuous)
/// Self-driving is dependent on cameras + behavioral cloning (/fleet learning).
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My global interest in CG is validating✔ the parimutuelity of the formula of cryptocommodity. This is a dance between fiat (government-issued) currencies and their hashed counterparts, which could, in theory, make MONEY (universally) fungible (ie. cachecredit). To accomplish this in reality would take either a treasuries decree~, or extremely large-scale mass participation (in terms of nodal saturation) in a heterotic container consisting of a virtual economy from which seigniorage - as an excise* (credit) - subsidizes utilities. Both can be pursued simultaneously (bifurcation ↖️↗️); neither is a small feat. Any arcade (a mobile network) already in place would need to be cellularly automated, and scaled to handle an elastic payroll [deposit scheduler].Where it gets classified as a deductible. The product/good is fibor. This is a type of virtual currency that may be taxed (ie. derivative revenue collected) in scenarios of regulatory convertibility. (see also non-cybernetic government, DUCK🦆, cyborg, ed, playoff, sport, Double U economics)
/// The idea behind the heterosis is that virtuality affords freedom of activity as well as intrinsic transaction, however, the platformer (governing body) bills according to grid usage (compliance). -- A zero-sum game (ie. nobody loses; everyone's needs are met).
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