carrots and peaches

Carrots and peaches (alternatively peaches🍑 and carrots🥕) is an expression used to describe financing in Double U economics. The term is normally complementary and not mutually exclusive.

Carrots are a reward whereby a player must purchase the item for entry into some contest. They will typically come with an additional perquisite, such as a mention. On the otherhand, peaches amount to the compliance (ie. tax generation) derived from pledging (peach=pledge), in the legal definition of the word; wherein the reward [credit] is goods/monies owed [output] for payment as input. (see also fruut, multiplier)
etymology: the word 'carrot' comes from the concept of rabbiting; where a person or team subjects their work to rapid application building (rab). The word 'peach' is used here from the fruit, which has layers (fuzz, skin, meat, nut/almond) representative of the pledge tier model. Bottom line -- think of carrot as a 'bid' and a peach as a 'tax' (ie. house fees).


$1 /carrot🥕

Input contest(s):

GPay for money transfers.

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