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(see also lyre, lyric)


Lnq's yoyo is a spool of fibor acting as the simulacrum of egglepple [a ball traversing a 1-brane]. It is used for dribbling*. In gameplay mode, the yoyo and krayon comprise the primary musical instrumentation in ballet performance.A type of juggle in jukespace, where the yoyo appears as just plain/regular string (sans discs) readied for input from the Stewdio.


The Stewdio is UUe's native console [instrumentation] for stew choreography.

Our keyboard (for stereotyping*) is specific, and includes the following triptych: RONALD (keyframing), pencils (flageolet), and EGP (geometer).Jukespace compositing

The Stewdio consists of spacetime complexity controls that are used, more or less, to edit ballets; it can both generate (grooves + melodies) and run cassettes. The compositor provides jukers with an ideal environment for improvising strategies in nondeterministic polynomial time (NP) [ie., middlegame]. Stewdio usage could be for a juker to place a 'safe' juke, or by a player to draw up a play, for example. (see also juke notation)

Abstractly, if egglepple could be synced across the Stewdio, the device should then function as a type of lyre.

To access the Stewdio, use the flageolet pencil button () in the column space (must be at top of page) on the UUelcome Matte.
Function map: eggleppleballetStewdio


Egglepple [pronunciation 'egg-ul-epp-ul'] is Lnq's portfolio* (a finite succession of convertible assets). Generically (represented with lowercase lettering, "egglepple"), it is the tape of leaf definitions (literally "egg leaf ↔ epp leaf"), and would be the formal name of the brane (SMALLBIGStewniverse) itself [as a sort of stand-alone lyre (when controlled by the Stewdio) connecting ends of The Origamic Symphony]. When represented with uppercase lettering ("Egglepple"), we are referring to the kindergarten. (not to be confused with The Egglepple Company, see also Egglepple, everywhere!, Egglepple: Unfolded)As in porting assets (stews) from one side of the leaf (recto) to the other side (verso).

Notes (+): Joey Koala is the official mascot of Egglepple.

Egglepple was invented and coined by Link Starbureiy.🤓 The word is also part of his name.😉 (see Starbureiy nomenclature)

Function map: preimageEggleppleimage

UUelcome Matte©

As the formal outlier of gameplay mechanics (ie., think "gameboard" - standard board layout for juking), the UUelcome Matte is UUe's interface/jukebox content manager [for stewniversal augmentation]. (see also Pajamas)