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I'm unsure of how to verbalize cash-in or cash-out; meaning that the amount of MONEY earned over time is mature enough for a coupon. I'd use cash-in/out as a catch-all, but that's tacky. So I'm going with i/o for '-in/out', reducing that to 'io', and with the 'cash' addendum, this becomes 'cashio'.

There, I just invented a new word.



azure and gold


{This serves as an in-house 🐷piggy bank. Sought is sustained revenue-scaling in order to meet roadmap objectives.}
The following presentation is directed to potential spot buyers.

Work on UUe is a business endeavor.🙂

Traction + 🎯Targets
Spread Analysis
Unless otherwise noted, all monies received here come from ordered purchases, and are not tax-deductible. By purchasing, you hereby agree to the following Terms of Sale: All sales are final, non-refundable, irrefutable, and non-transferable.
Thank you.


Some thread is the page count [table data] of its hash.


UUe Draughts




(see also juke notation)



One (1) dollar is the equivalent to one-hundred (100) ¢ents as a unit.

+fibor mutation


smb is the abbreviation for st@t-MONEY-bytes, the rubric used in determining the value of a juker's output.

Tip: You desire the s to be low, and the m and b to be high.

In gameplay, one wants to - in the following order - attain the lowest st@t possible [ie., score the most goals, thereby getting their Starbureiy statistic closer to the zero (0) ideal], maximize their MONEY-making (which inevitably contributes to a low st@t [goals/¢ents]), and accrue as many bytes as they can in the process (an organic effect of data generation). Doing so provides a true measurement📏 (in terms of usage) of a juker's rating relative to their peer(s).


As the determining factor in an opus' naming scheme, a port [uue/:] is the combinatoric of some twistor space as defined by its leaves (u,u)*. Ports primarily aid in the mapping of the payload to pajamas.Technically, as its leaf sequence parametric (ie., "in the key of"...).


+post (route)


An album is a collection of objects (eg., lyrics, music, images, games, etc.) that help illustrate a story or certain element(s) within that story.

+groove (scheme)

This is a (personal) passcode scheme.


fone's unifile number (FUN)

+major chord

(see also minor chord)

+minor chord

(see also major chord)