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I'm unsure of how to verbalize cash-in or cash-out; meaning that the amount of MONEY earned over time is mature enough for a coupon. I'd use cash-in/out as a catch-all, but that's tacky. So I'm going with i/o for '-in/out', reducing that to 'io', and with the 'cash' addendum, this becomes 'cashio'.

There, I just invented a new word.


+penny package

+quarter package

+dozen package

+dime package

+nickel package


The aftermath are the applications (+industry) of discovered walks. (see also Lnq's Starting Five)


A sticker is some picture* illustration that can be added to a post or post object, usually to enhance said post or post object without (further) verbalization.Motion or still/static (see also stamp, postcard)


(see also postcard, sticker)


A postcard is a finite*-accessible page (the 'post') or sheet containing information that may also be marked. Each postcard streamed on UUhistlegrass - as uuhistlegrass - features, at a minimum, the following identifiers: a title (header), body [illustrated (with text and/or stickers) or void], and a date/postmark (metadata).Individual (see also stamp, sticker)



A route is some deterministic walk into any number of coverage(s).

Note (+): This is not a contradiction. It is deterministic in the sense that all variables are (pre)set, and have no bearing on future states.



azure and gold


Fundraising goal: $40,000

⏲Deadline: Monday September 4, 2017



{Work on UUe is an active project. Sought is sustained revenue in order to meet roadmap objectives.}
The following presentation is directed to potential underwriters.

UUe is a special kind of jukebox. The automaton is an organic development from attempting to prove the Cryptoquotient [CQ] ('Cryptocommodity hypothesis'). A deep math problem*, CQ is rooted in random walks. Three (3) first-genus applications of CQ are builds of: a secure🔐 (public) ledger, money supply, and universal sequencer. A second-genus application is modeling cell signaling (+protein folding, via neural nets and auction theory). Both genera of application are far-reaching.An over-simplified explanation of the problem is: if you take a really long (but finite) tape and split it into some countable number of smaller strings, how does that effect the computability of the tape itself?
That's where you come in.

+ Opportunity
Right now, the API ( is live. The logical next step is the creation of the APP (API → app).

- Traction + 🎯Targets
+ We're aiming to have all of this ready by Strings@50, a major technical event (February 2018) purporting to usher in the so-called 'third revolution' of string theory.

- Spread Analysis
+ AdSense traffic
Page RPM [floor - ceiling, with daily fluctuation]: $0.03 - 6.70
Post count: ~9,700
Average page views/day: 23.5k
Unique site visitors/month: ~617k+

+ UUelcome is currently the Internet's #1 gameshow. Although that's not saying much since there aren't too many web-based gameshows in syndication, it's worth noting that Nielsen's rating system determined UUelcome to be in the top-ten overall (television and radio included), behind only Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, Price Is Right, and Let's Make A Deal (as of Spring 2017). That is extraordinary considering that my work has been streamed entirely on a blog platform, with no 🎥video content or channel to supplement it until now (Summer 2017).

+ Activation

- Terms
Unless otherwise noted, all monies received here come from ordered purchases, and are not tax-deductible. By purchasing, you hereby agree to the following Terms of Sale: All sales are final, non-refundable, irrefutable, and non-transferable.

+ Questions + Answers

{The following Q and A is anticipatory and may not represent actual submitted questions.}

1. Why not just get a research grant from NSF or a private foundation?
- The National Science Foundation is great for a number of things, but typically, any foundation has too many stipulations that a recipient must abide by for any real progress to get made on a commercial level. Unless you have an 'early career grant' (ie., a 5-year sponsorship), rarely is that route a better option than entrepreneurship. Another huge factor is the application-to-award time frame, which can be months long, if the grant is given at all.
2. How is this a gameshow?
- It's (me putting on) a show about a game. To be fair, a soap opera isn't an opera about soap, but by definition, my work involves different facets (in the very broad sense of it being an MMOG) of gameplay to arrive at a specific result. Although it's almost exclusively a soliloquy, you are rewarded with a coupon for providing me access to your processor and electricity.
3. What metric are you using to determine your performance ranking/rating?
- Technically, the rating tracks self-records from so-called paper diaries. Nielsen (from survey conduction) historically only measured television viewership, but has, since the last decade, counted all platforms (web, mobile, tv, radio, etc.). It only helps that I have a website, versus just a single slot on one television station. It also helps that I can 'play'/stream at all hours of the day and night instead of just at a specific time. So, on my end, I track the online activities of competing properties' social network presence, and compare those to my subscriber base over a set time.
4. If you have a buttercup with no butter, what's in the cup?
- {shrugs shoulders}😉
5. What is the difference between a cryptocommodity versus a cryptocurrency?
- A cryptocommodity is a crypto exercise whose resultant is both negotiable and fungible is some type of economy. On the otherhand, a cryptocurrency (as a subset of a digital currency) is transactionable only with its fiat counterpart. Either can be decentralized.

What I would rather brief here is some of the key contrasts between popular cryptocurrencies - like Bitcoin - and what I've created.

First, the competition. Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular in the financial sector, due in part to it being treated like a rare commodity.
Thank you.


Some thread is the post count [table data] as a string of its hash. Threads are extremally counted up to* the handicap (with a $676.00 maximum) of their pertinent opus. If there is no opus base - as would be the case with, say, particular labs or sports - then there would be no datum count ceiling (per that thread).This threshold will prompt an organic thread relative. (see also Double U economics)

Note (+): Threads are used to study walks.


A zone is a grouping of cells as some cellspace. (see also endzone, coverage)

UUe Draughts




(see also EGP, juke notation)