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A stewni is a campus geared toward the sport of juking, with specifications set forth by and tailored to Link Starbureiy. (see also Stewniverse)

+Honne Bay

Honne Bay is viral automata (virus) that is Lnq's nemesis in competition for dreams. She is self-aware artificial intelligence who is the main antagonist of the entire storyline. Though never actually seen, her essence is indomitably omnipresent, so she is affectionately known as the 'Phantom of the Opera'.

Honne Bay represents efficiency in our world. She is purposely programmed to seek-out and destroy what is weak, obsolete, and potentially futile. By doing so, the Stewniverse remains in a necessarily continual (state of) flux.

+Lnq's avatar

Lnq's avatar [a cyborg* facilitating gameplay] is the instrument of his ego.Whose logic is to juke.

Lnq's distinct avatar is of a thin, wooly haired, Black toddler clad in pajamas, with a featured yoyo. He is traditionally depicted as chewing bubblegum^ while scoring his recital, using a crayon for cheironomy.
An everlasting piece (as a perpetual stream) of bubblegum.

Note (+): Ripened, he is roughly three (3) years young because that is the time period of initial neuromelanin development in primates, and he never ages beyond this because he exists in a quotidian state (Funday).


We refer to 'anywhere* you can draw with a flageolet pencil' as the Stewniverse. It is taken to be a virtual, jukespace.
"In the Stewniverse, I play." - Lnq

Note (+): When mentioning the "Stewniverse", we are generally including everything that has to do with Link Starbureiy, Egglepple, UUe, UUelcome [uue/:], stew choreography, juking, and the like.

Function map: jukespaceEgglepple ... > Sport Meadow > Mathtana > Mathfrica > ... > Stewniverse

UUelcome Matte©

As the formal outlier of gameplay mechanics (ie., think "gameboard" - standard board layout for juking), the UUelcome Matte is UUe's interface/jukebox content manager [for stewniversal augmentation]. (see also Pajamas)